The 70s gave the VW Bus (T1 from 1950-67 with the split window and the T2 from '67 to '79) a new meaning. It became the Hippie Bus, the Woodstock era started the whole movement. I think that the Hippie-Bus-Flower-Power-Free-Thinking era goes well with the pop art culture which started in the late 50s.

Altogether, back then it was a more energetic, free thinking spirit around. Nowadays it seems that design must be more uniform with already existing designs in order not to shock the consumer too much? Look at car design in our time, most cars in the same segment look the same. Not the designer's fault I guess, it is may be that corporate and sales have the saying and limit the designer's energy flow... who knows.

That's why I thought to make some comps blending pop art culture with a cool car that became a cult object and stands for a life-style... which some of us haven't forgotten.

Peace, Love, Enjoy.
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